Proctoring Policy and Guidelines

I. Purpose

Long-distance learning programs and some professors/instructors provide opportunities for independent study on the condition that exams are proctored by an outside agency. Although the Avon Lake Public Library is not a test center, to meet this need of our community and in our role of supporting lifelong learning, the Library provides this service, at the convenience of staff.

II. Guidelines

A. The Library does not charge a fee for this service. All expenses, including copying and postage, are the responsibility of the test-taker. When a test is to be mailed to the school or professor/instructor, a self-addressed stamped envelope with appropriate postage must be provided by the school or the test-taker before the test is administered. The Library will arrange for courier pick-up if provided with a return envelope or label. Copies of completed exams will not be retained.

B. The Library provides a public computer workstation with word processing software and Internet access for online exams. These workstations do not allow installation of any additional software. It is the test-taker’s responsibility to ensure that the Library’s computer resources are adequate for their test-taking requirements.

C. The exam or the instructions for taking the exam online must be forwarded to:

Information Desk
Avon Lake Public Library
32649 Electric Blvd.
Avon Lake, OH 44012

or, via e-mail to, at least one (1) week in advance of the intended test date. The test-taker must contact the Library’s Information desk, by e-mail, phone (440-933-8127) or in-person, at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment to take the test. A member of the Adult Services staff will proctor the test.

D. The Library cannot guarantee quiet conditions for test-taking. The test-taker will be seated in sight of the Information desk. The Library does not guarantee that the test-taker will be under observation at all times.

E. Staff will verify the identity of the test-taker by requiring presentation of picture identification before administering the exam. Test-takers should not bring cellular phones or other equipment or materials prohibited by the exam instructions into the Library. If such materials are brought into the Library, they may be left at the Reference desk during the exam; however, the Library is not responsible for them.

F. Test-takers are responsible for supplying all materials, including paper, pencils and calculators.

G. The Library will not hold tests beyond their expiration dates. If the test has not been taken by that time, it will be destroyed.

H. Due to legal and ethical concerns, staff will not sign a proctoring verification that attests to more than they are able to do.

III. Reservation of Rights

If it is determined that the proctoring request is unreasonable or its demands are too burdensome to administer, the Library reserves the right to deny this service.