Borrow Equipment

Reformat, Refresh, Rediscover

Check out our list of various equipment items available for checkout with a library card. You must be 18 years or older and present an Ohio Driver’s license or Identification Card with current address. Equipment is loaned for two weeks (14 days) and is subject to a five dollars ($5.00) a day overdue fine.

Renewals or extended loans cannot be made online. However, Library Staff can assist with renewal if the item is not on hold for another patron.

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Samsung Digital Camera Presenter

Use to display anything from text on paper to three-dimensional objects. Zoom lens and a base for showing translucent objects.

Apollo Overhead Projector

Apollo presentations overhead projector that features 2000-lumen output.

Podcast Microphone

A USB microphone paired with a fully-adjustable boom arm, for podcasting, on-air or voice-over applications. Assembly is a snap and the boom clamps securely to nearly any desk or table surface.

Portable Projector Screen

Three screens are available to borrow. Measured on the diagonal the larger screens are 100” and the smaller one is 79”.

LCD Projector

This portable projector offers 2000 lumens of light. Connect to a PC or DVD/BLU-RAY player to use.

Digital HDTV Antenna

An indoor HDTV antenna can provide you more channels than the rabbit ears of old. Try it yourself by borrowing this antenna.

Go Pro Hero 4 Camera

Capture life’s moments in motion or still with this camera and accessories. Includes instructions for use, extra battery pack, head mount, tripod, and float strap.

Bluetooth & Misc

Bluetooth Receiver

Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives and mounted slides. Converts images to digital JPEG files.

Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Connect any audio device to a Bluetooth device or vice versa-for newer cars.

FM Transmitter

Send audio to any nearby FM Radio – for old school cars.

Electronic Reading Aid

Transforms your TV into a visual reading aid. Connects to your TV using the supplied video cable.

Victrola Portable Suitcase Record players

The Victrola portable suitcase record players classic design lets you take your tunes anywhere! A portable design with convenient carry handle, 3-speed belt driven turntable and built-in Bluetooth speakers seamlessly play smartphone audio for all to enjoy!

Bluetooth Speaker

Pair this speaker to your phone or tablet to listen to music or podcasts.

Flexible Tripod

Use this tripod to stabilize your phone while taking video or photographs.

CD Radio/Cassette Recorder

Play, record, and listen. Play cassettes, CDs, and radio with this portable player/recorder.

Orion StarBlast Telescope

Enjoy viewing the stars and planets with this easy- to-operate telescope. Available at DiscoveryWorks (when open) or at the Circulation Desk when DiscoveryWorks is closed.

Traffic Cones

A set of six collapsible traffic cones. Directions for driving practice set-up included.

Data Converters & Scanners

Ion Omni Slide Scanner

Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives and mounted slides. Converts images to digital JPEG files.

Doxie GO SE Photo/Document Scanner

Scans printed photos or documents anywhere. Connect to your computer or tablet to save digital photos or documents.

Taotronics Hand Scanner

Portable wand scans to PDF or JPEG (roll across method to memory card.) AA batteries required.

Mini Card Reader

Use to download photos or files from various sized memory cards and save to your home computer.

Film2 Digital Moviemaker

Converts 8mm and Super8 film to digital files. Frame-by-frame digitizing for high-quality digital output, stand alone machine. No computer, no software, or drivers are required. Scans and direcly saves digital movies into SD/SDHC cards (32GB included).

Panasonic Cassette Camcorder

Record, playback or copy mini video cassette tapes.

Digital Floppy Disc Drive

Read 3.5-inch floppy disks with this USB disc reader.

SONY Digital 8 Video Cassette Recorder

Plays Digital 8 or Hi 8 cassettes on device or connect to television. Record from TVs or camcorders onto Digital 8 cassettes.

Video 2 Digital Converter

Convert VHS and Camcorder Tapes to Digital format with the touch of a button. Records to memory card (use one included to transfer to your computer) or use your own memory card without a computer. Video converter software included.

Music Digitizer

Designed to convert your old analog music to MP3 files, the recorded MP3 file is 128Kbps 44.1KHz Dual-mono, it is not a professional DJ device.

USB Tape Cassette Player

Captures cassette audio directly to a flash drive. Powered by battery or USB. Edit with your choice of software.

Apiker External DVD/CD Drive

External disk drive DVDR and CD Write/Read capability. Compatible with most major operating systems. (Does not work with BLU-Ray).

Home & Health Monitors

Digital Radon Detecter

Use to detect radon gas (colorless and odorless) in the home.

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Use to measure temperature and humidity readings.

Kill A Watt Electric Usage Monitor

Monitors and connects to appliances to assess efficiency.

Speck Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Measures air quality in the home environment using historical trends to improve air quality.

Thermal Imager

A non-contact temperature measurement device detecting the infrared energy emitted.

Blood Pressure Kit

This digital monitor is used to measure blood pressure and pulse rate in adults. The device detects the appearance of irregular heartbeats during measurement and gives a warning signal with the measurement result.

Video Game consoles

Sony Playstation 3

Plays PS3 games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Music CDs. Includes power cable, wireless controller,
controller cable, and component cables.

Sony Playstation 4

Plays PS4 games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Music CDs. Includes power cable, two controllers, controller cable, and component cables.

XBox 360

Plays Xbox 360 games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Music CDs. Includes power cable, two wireless controllers, and AV adapter cable.

Xbox One

Plays XBOX One games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Music CDs. Includes power cable and power adapter, one HDMI cable, and two wireless


Plays Wii games. Power cable, two Wii-motes, two thumb/nun chuck controllers, batteries, sensor bar, and AV cables.

Wii U

Play Wii U games on this game console with screen, AC power cord, USB cable, one sensor bar, and one controller.

Nitendo Switch

Play Nintendo Switch games on this portable or dock it to enjoy gaming on your TV. Comes with HDMI cable, controllers and dock.

Wifi & Streaming

Wifi Hotspots

Use wherever you can use most cell phones to receive internet access. These portable devices can be charged by USB and AC adapters.

Inseego FX2000 5G Indoor Router

The 5G Indoor Router FX2000 is a wireless device that delivers Internet service.

4K Ultra Blu-ray & DVD Player

Watch 4K discs, Blu-ray and DVD movies. With a Wi-Fi connection can be used with streaming apps to watch movies or listen to music.

3D 4K-upscaling Blu-ray & DVD Player

Watch Blu-ray and DVD movies. With a Wi-Fi connection can be used with streaming apps to watch movies or listen to music.

DVD & VHS Player

Connect to a television to play VHS tapes or DVDs. Can be used to record television programs. Does not convert VHS to DVD.

Roku Premiere

Connect easily to most TVs. Operated entirely by on-screen menus and simple remote. Requires an internet connection. Includes access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and VUDU channels. Other channels available with trial offers or your own account.


Requires an internet connection. The Chromebook is a laptop computer designed to be used while connected to the internet. Can save data using USB connection or wirelessly to the Cloud.