About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Avon Lake Public Library is to foster and enrich the community through collaboration, services and resources.

Our Values

Innovation | The Library is a leader of smart and efficient sustainability and forward-thinking uses of technology and programming.  The staff are creative problem-solvers and learn from individual and collective challenges.

Integrity | The Library is a reliable source with the highest standards of transparency, responsibility and fiscal stewardship.

Lifelong Learning | The Library is committed to the individual pursuit of learning and discovery by providing equal access to materials, services, resources and programming.

Openness | The Library is an environment that welcomes everyone and supports equality, diversity and space for peaceful assembly and the discussion of ideas.

Service | The Library is where people come first, internally and externally. The staff listens, is helpful, collaborative, approachable, friendly and professional.

Our Vision

The vision of the Avon Lake Public Library is to be the premier community destination and the model for innovation, discovery and lifelong learning.

Strategic Plan 

Strategic Planning Community Survey Analysis

Annual Report

Library Policies


William Rutger

Fiscal Officer
Lorie Scheer

Assistant Director
Gerry Vogel

Communications Manager
Shea Alltmont

DiscoveryWorks Manager
Linda Janesz

Technology Services Manager
Nicholas Kelley

Circulation Services Manager
Dianne Russell

Public Services Manager
Sybil Wendling

Board of Trustees

Deborah Yue

Vice President
Michele Jakubs

Marilyn Valentino

Steve Parsons

Amy Margiotti

Christina Mars

Rebecca Schaltenbrand

2022 Regular Board Meetings Minutes

2023 Regular Board Meetings Minutes

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The Board of Library Trustees meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Lakeshore Room. Board meetings are open to the public (see the Public Comment policy).

Check our events calendar for additional meeting information, including changes to times and locations.