Parent & Teacher Resources

Teacher Card

A separate Teacher Loan library card for Avon Lake Public Library will be issued upon request to primary and secondary teachers, pre-school teachers, and homeschooling instructors residing or working in Avon Lake.

  1. Materials checked out on a Teacher Loan library card should be for classroom use only and not for personal borrowing, such as current fiction and bestsellers. All materials are checked out and returned at the Circulation desk. In order to facilitate the check-out process, please present your Teacher Loan library card when checking out at the Circulation desk.
  2. Hot Picks materials may not be checked out on a Teacher Loan library card.
  3. The loan period for most materials is 21 days. The loan period for DVDs that are no longer Hot Picks is seven (7) days. Extended loan periods are set by the department loaning the materials.
  4. The Teacher Loan library card has a maximum loan of 50 items at any one time.
  5. Fines will be charged as usual. Overdue notices will be sent as usual.
  6. All materials checked out on a Teacher Loan library card are the responsibility of the teacher.  Damaged, lost, or stolen materials are the financial obligation of the teacher. When Teacher Loan materials are 45 days overdue, the teacher will be billed for the cost of the replacement of those materials.
  7. A Teacher Loan library card with excessively overdue materials and/or fines and fees will be blocked until materials are returned and the fines and fees are resolved.
  8. The Teacher Loan library card is for use at Avon Lake Public Library only. Other libraries do not honor our Teacher Loan card.

Book Pulls

Don’t have time to come in and search for materials for your latest lesson plan?  The Children’s Department supports parents, teachers of all-aged children, and homeschoolers by pulling materials on topics as needed. Please allow 1-2 days for larger book pulls to be done. 

Book Bundles For Kids

DIY Storytime Bags
Looking for specific themes to read about paired with fun activities for your toddler or preschooler?  Request a DIY Storytime bag here. Bags include 5-7 picture books to read aloud and a handout with music and activity suggestions to do at home. Themes vary by season. Bags are picked up through our Curbside Service or at the Holds Shelf. Click here to get a bag!

I Just Need Some Library Materials!
Fill out the form here to tell us about your child's interests and reading level. We'll put together a collection of materials that can be picked up through our Curbside Service or at the Holds Shelf.  Click here to get a bundle!