Test Proctoring

1. All test proctoring is done by the Information Desk staff.  They may be contacted, by student or school, at 440-933-8127 or info@alpl.org during Library hours.
2. Staff need to know all requirements in advance to administer the test.  If the proctoring request is determined to be unreasonable or its demands are too burdensome to administer, the Library reserves the right to deny this service.
3. Tests must be scheduled with at least three days' advance notice. This is to accommodate staff scheduling, proctor registration, or any other approval required.

4. Test dates and times may be limited by staff availability and Library hours.

5. All materials and expenses, including copying and return postage, are the responsibility of the student.
6. We can reserve a public computer to complete the test. We cannot install special software or guarantee that the school’s online testing platform will work. It is the student’s responsibility to test this in advance.
7. The Library cannot guarantee quiet conditions for test-taking.
8. The student will be seated within clear sight of the Information desk.
The Library does not guarantee that the student will be under
continuous observation as the staff has other duties.
9. Staff will follow all instructions provided by the school to ensure the integrity of the process. Staff will not attest to anything they did not do in their proctoring duties.
10. The Library will not hold paper tests beyond their expiration dates, and copies of completed paper exams will not be retained.