Learning Kits

DiscoveryWorks Learning Kits

Activity bags for pre-K- 2nd Grade. Each kit has its own book and activity card. May be checked out for 3 weeks.

NOTE: If Kits are returned with items missing, patrons may be charged the full kit price.


Balance Kit

Use plastic animals to explore math and learn about balance.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 1 balance ; 1 bag of 48 small plastic animals ; activity guide ; pink striped bag.



Mixed Up Chameleon Kit

2 Chameleon puppets teach about differences.

Contents: The mixed-up chameleon paperback ; 2 plush chameleons ; 6 flies in box ; activity guide ; rainbow striped bag.

Aquarium kit

4 plush animals take kids on a trip to an aquarium.

Contents: My visit to the aquarium / Aliki -- 1 scarlet ibis -- manta ray -- shark -- clown fish -- sea otter -- activity guide -- coral reef bag.


Matching Kit

40 wooden blocks teach matching skills.


Contents: A pair of socks / Stuart J. Murphy -- 40 wooden picture blocks -- game directions -- 2 activity guides -- red bag.
Guinea pig

Guinea Pigs Kit

A big guinea pig puppet teaches about this little pet.

Contents: I love Guinea pigs / Dick King-Smith -- plush Guinea pig puppet -- activity guide -- yellow matrix bag.

Color and Color Mixing Kit

Use mouse puppets to learn about primary colors and mixing.

Contents: Mouse paint / Ellen Stoll Walsh -- 3 white mouse finger puppets -- 3 color paddles -- activity guide -- multi-color striped bag.

Swimmy Kit

11 brightly colored fish present an early reading activity.

Contents: Swimmy by Leo Lionni ; 1 paperback ; fish (10 red, 1 black) ; activity guide ; indigo sea life bag.
baby animals

Baby Animal Names Kit

A bluebird and her babies teach baby animal names.

Contents: A pinky as a baby mouse / Pam Munoz Ryan ; illustrated by Diane deGroat ; 1 paperback ; 1 bluebird; 3 bluebird babies in nest ; activity guide ; blue baby animal bag.

Ecosystems Kit

Flies, fish and an alligator teach about the Everglades.

Contents: Everglades / Jean Craighead George -- 1 plush fish ; 1 green plush alligator ; 1 box of 6 flies -- activity guide -- green ferns bag.

Senses Kit

Let a friendly puppet help teach about our five amazing senses.

Contents: My five senses / Alike -- 1 felt puppet -- activity guide -- gold fish scales bag.

Weather Words Kit

Plush weather symbols teach basic weather concepts.

Content: 1 paperback ; 3 plush weather symbols - 1 sun - 1 rainbow - 1 cloud ; 1 activity card


Seed Growth Kits

Plush flower pots help explain how seeds grow into plants.

Contents: How a seed grows / Helene J. Jordan -- 4 fabric pots with felt plants -- activity guide -- multicolor flowers bag.
flying squirrel

Flying Squirrel Kit

Explore flying squirrels & other nighttime animals.

Contents: Night gliders / Joanne Ryder -- 1 flying squirrel puppet -- activity guide -- blue night sky bag.

Comparing Amounts Kit

Plastic carrots, peanuts & worms teach the concept of comparison.

Contents: Just enough carrots / Stuart J. Murphy -- 5 earth squirms (worms) ; 4 peanuts ; 10 carrots ; activity guide ; orange check/flowers bag.

Observation Kit

Use binoculars and a magnifier to observe the world around us.

Contents: I went walking / Sue Williams -- binoculars in blue mesh bag -- magnifier -- activity guide -- multi-plaid bag.

Habitats Kits

Explore habitats using a plush salamander, mushroom & leaves.

Contents: The salamander room / Anne Mazer -- salamander -- toadstool -- leaves -- 1 activity guide -- avocado bag.


Frogs Kit

A morphing puppet illustrates a frog life cycle.




Rainforests Kit

Investigate the rainforest with the help of four (4) finger puppet animals.

Contents: Welcome to the green house / Jane Yolen -- four (4) finger puppets -- activity guide -- dark-green leaves bag.



Moon Exploration Kit

Learn about the moon with an astronaut and space shuttle.

Contents: What the moon is like / Franklyn M. Branley -- 1 plush astronaut -- 1 plush space shuttle -- 1 activity guide -- silver moon and stars bag.
mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity Kit

Frog and alligator finger puppets solve an egg mystery.


Contents: An extraordinary egg / Leo Lionni ; 1 v. (unpaged) :1 alligator finger puppet; 3 frog finger puppets ; activity guide ; indigo pattern bag.

Math Sequencing Kit

Have fun at a rabbit's pajama party with four (4) plush animals.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 4 plush animals (1 elephant, 1 giraffe, 1 mouse, one rabbit) ; activity guide ; Light-blue teddy bear bag.

Seasons/Art Appreciation Kit

4 plush trees help illustrate seasons.

Contents: Sky tree / Thomas Locker with Candance Christiansen -- 4 plush trees -- 1 activity guide -- blue/silver pines bag.

Zoo Animals Kit

Travel with 4 finger puppets on a trip to the zoo.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 4 finger puppets (elephant, giraffe, lion, zebra) ; activity guide ; multi-colored wild animal bag.

Recycling Kit

Use plush products to learn how materials can be recycled.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 1 plush bottle ; 1 plush can ; 5 plush newspapers ; 1 activity card

Shells and Shell Animals Kit

4 plush puppets show what animals live in shells.

sinking and floating

Sinking and Floating Kit

4 plastic ships and colorful weights explore buoyancy.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 10 ducks ; 4 boats ; chrome stones ; activity guide ; blue waves bag.

Earthdance Kit

A plush globe and animals show how special our earth is.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 1 plush globe ; 1 elephant ; 1 kangaroo ; 1 octopus ; 1 frog ; activity card ; white earth/sun bag.

musical chairs

Time Kit

A big frog puppet and a clock teach time concepts.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 1 f12-hour student clock ; 1 plush frog puppet ; activity guide ; green frog bag

Musical Chairs Kit

6 “monsters” play musical chairs to teach counting and subtraction.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 6 plush monster figures ; 1 activity card

Gardening for Kids Kit

Plastic vegetables teach about gardening.

Contents: 1 paperback ; 1 red plastic bowl; 1white plastic spoon ; 8 plastic vegetables ; activity guide ; vegetable bag.

DiscoveryWorks Learning Kits

Activity bags for 3rd to 5th Graders. Each kit has its own book and activity card. May be checked out for 3 weeks. NOTE: If Kits are returned with items missing, patrons may be charged the full kit price.

rocks and fossils
pond life
magnetic forces
spy adventure

Rocks and Fossils Kit

Contains rock and fossils samples, and “Rock hound” tools.

Contents: Kit #1 includes : Rocks and minerals / Chris Pellant, Pocket magnifier; geology hammer; safety goggles; 2 books; brochure; black net backpack

Pirate Adventure Kit

Enter the world of pirates with this unique and interesting kit.

Contents: (6 items) : 1 book ; pirate adventure activity notebook ; sky challenger star chart ; practice rope ; directional compass ; small telescope ; black mesh backpack.

Insects and Spiders Kit

A capture net, bug viewers, and sketch pad teach about insects.

Contents: Kit #3B includes : Catch N' View Butterfly Net -- Bug House (2 pieces clear and pink plastic) -- Garden Spider Web frame -- Creature Peeper Bug Viewer -- Insectigations: 40 hands-on activities to explore the insect world

Pond Life Kit

1 radio cassette recorder with electrical cord.

Contents: (10 items) : 2 books ; plankton net with specimen bottle ; magnifying jar ; 2-way bug viewer, small fish net ; magnifying glass ; large kitchen baster; navy backpack.

Trees Kit

Explore pond life using a collection jar, magnifier, and capture net.

Contents: Kit # 5 includes: 8 clear leaf-rubbing plates -- 16 leaf-rubbing papers (patron may keep) -- leaf-rubbing plate instructions -- Fandex family tree guide -- What tree is that, Leaf & tree guide -- Leaf-collecting album -- dry-erase marker -- binoculars & lens cloth -- Magnifier -- tupperware container with plant parts -- blue backpack

Magnetic Forces Kit

Explore magnetism using magnets and a magic penny set.

Contents: 2 paperbacks ; 1 magnetic discovery board ; 1 magnetic forces exploration kit ; 1 magic penny magnet set ; activity guide ; black mesh backpack.

Spy Adventure Kit

Enter the world of espionage, and learn the secrets of spies.

Contents: (7 items) : 1 book ; activity file folders (6) ; hollow book ; voice scrambler ; rearview glasses ; stash ; reaction tester.

Microscope Kit

Contains a microscope, prepared slides, and instructional books.

Contents: Kit #9 includes (9 items, all books from Amazon) : The World of the Microscope by Chris Oxlade and Corinne Stockley, MicroMonsters by Christopher Maynard, Hidden Worlds by Stephen Kramer, Microscope instruction booklet, (DW) Microscope,  Slide container, Microscope container 6 prepared slides, Backpack.

Children's Learning Kits

Available in the Children's Department


Letter Kits

Letter kits support emergent readers with learning letters and sounds of letters.  Each kit highlights three or four letter groups and features sandpaper alphabet cards, letter activity mats, write & wipe boards, letter books, a matching card game, and a list of sensory activities to help familiarize children with letters and sounds in a creative way.
bob books sight words kindergarten Lovely Amazon BOB Books COLLECTION 3 Box Set [ POUND WORDS AND LONG

Phonics Kits

Phonics kits include collections of books designed to support early reading efforts.  ALPL provides the Bob Books, Hooked on Phonics, and the Now I’m Reading series, as well as collections of popular character phonics readers such as Star Wars and Dora.

Thematic Preschool Kits

Each bag includes 5 picture books and an item (puzzle, puppet, game, etc) related to popular preschool curriculum themes:  seasons, types of animals, holidays, community helpers, and more.


Parenting Kits

Each bag includes 5 picture or non-fiction books and an item (puzzle, puppet, game, music) designed to help parents talk to children about difficult subjects:  bullies, divorce, illness, anger, and more.

percusion kit

Puppet Kits

Each bag includes a classic picture book and accompanying puppet.  

Musical Instrument Kits

Preschool and elementary musical instrument kits for beginning musicians.