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What is DW?

Recall Yesterday… Explore Today… Imagine Tomorrow…



DiscoveryWorks provides a place where people of all ages can explore a variety of multi-sensory experiences to enlighten and enhance their lives.


Hands-on displays focus attention on the objects, experience, or materials, engaging all the senses. This enables the visitor to discover why things happen by making them happen. DiscoveryWorks is divided into two separate areas. One offers activities designed for infants and up to age 7, while our Tweens area offers more challenging displays for those age 8 and older.


Demonstrations, classes and seminars provide opportunities for all ages individually, as a family, or as a class to explore specific topics of the arts and sciences.


Group Visits
DiscoveryWorks cannot accomodate large groups during regularly scheduled public hours.  A group with 6 or more children must make a reservation for a visit by calling 440.933.7848.  Children in groups must wear nametags.  There must be at least one adult supervisor for every 5 children.


Activity Bags and Kits
Bags and Kits circulate for 21 days. Thirty activity bags geared toward children in K-Grade 2, and 8 backpack kits for Grade 3 and up are available to take home. Click here for a list and description of all kits and backpacks.


Science-To-Go Kits
Through a grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Chicago division, DiscoveryWorks was able to purchase eleven science kits for general circulation.  These kits cover a wide range of topics and ages levels.  Children can learn about robotics, current and static electricity, electronics, alternate energy sources and much more.  Click here to view details of each kit, and circulation information.


Rainwise Weather Station
Installed in September 2008, our Rainwise III weather station is now uploading real-time weather information to the Internet site Our local weather information can be accessed directly via the sticker on the Library’s home page, or from any computer by going  to the Weather Underground website, typing in 44012 in the search box, and clicking on GO.


DiscoveryWorks has a professional staff of certified educators with decades of experience in both formal and informal learning situations.