Cutting the Cord


The cost of cable television programming keeps rising. Do you still need it?        There are alternatives, and the Library can help!

There is no "one size fits all" solution; you will have to make some of your own decisions and keep your ear to the ground. Things change fast. Follow the latest developments at Cord Cutting Report and Cord Cutter Talk.


To "stream" you still need to get the internet into your home.  Your cable company may already be your best choice - but all you will need is high-speed internet and streaming device.
How can the Library help? We have a variety of resources:

You can also skip the internet and borrow a DVD or Blu-Ray disc from our collection of over 39,000 titles!


Consumer Reports

Over-the-Air Digital TV

  • Local channels are available over-the-air digitally with a digital antenna. Find out what channels you could get using the map on TV Fool. Pro tip: An antenna placed higher up and close to a window works the best.
You may not be able to get EVERY channel or show you had on cable, but will you really miss it?  With a whole universe of movies and shows available immediately, you are not likely to be bored.