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We have new ways to access media, yours and ours, new and old.

Most items circulate for 7 days (some for 21 days as indicated) and all are subject to a $1.00/day overdue fine.

Follow the links provided to our online catalog for further details, and to check availability.

Reformat  Refresh  Rediscover


 Do you have old media?  We have the means to help you save it.



Ion Omni Slides and Negatives

  • Includes required cords, adapters, memory cards and instructions.

Kodak Personal Photo

  •   Scans up to 5×7 photos at high or low resolution (feed through method) to memory card for transfer.


Taotronics “Wand”

  • Portable “wand” scans to PDF or JPG (roll across method) to memory card.  AA batteries required.


Film2Digital 8mm MovieMaker

  • Converts 8mm and Super8 film to digital files.


Audio, Video and Data Converters

Handy Trax Turntable

  •  Plays at 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm. Output via USB or audio out jack.  Capture with your choice of digital audio editing software, or use Audacity (basic instructions provided).


EZ-Cap Cassette Player

  • Captures cassette audio directly to USB.  Edit with your choice of software, or use Audacity (basic instructions provided).


Video2digital converter

  • records output of video recorders onto a memory card.  Screen provided to view progress.


Card reader

  • Adapt various memory cards so data can be read via USB on older computers.


Bluetooth receiver and transmitter/receiver

  • Connect any audio device to a Bluetooth device, or vice versa — for newer cars, etc.


FM Transmitter

  • Send your audio to any nearby FM radio — for “old school” cars



 Try out what’s available digitally without making a huge investment.  Even if you already “stream” and “e-read,” our devices contain content you won’t have to purchase.  


Wireless HotSpots

  • Get your data via 4G or LTE signal. Use wherever you can use most cell phones.  These portable devices can be charged by USB and AC adaptor.


Cellular Modem

  • Similar to a hotspot, but not portable — must be plugged in to AC.



  • Connects easily to most TV sets.
  • Operated entirely by on-screen menus and simple remote. Requires an internet connection in order to work.
  • All include access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling-TV, Kanopy and VUDU (access to hundreds of movies purchased by the Library, including the entire Star Wars series).
  • Many other channels are included, but only staff can add additional ones.

Roku 1 RCA connection to TV, connect by wifi only.

Roku 3 HDMI only connection to TV, connect by wifi or ethernet cable.



  • Like a laptop but really simple.  Frequently used in schools, borrow it and try it out for yourself!


Video Game Consoles

  • PlayStation 3:  Plays Playstation 3 (but not Playstation 4) games, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and music CDs. Kit includes a power cable, one wireless controller, one controller charge cable, and component cables (these are the red, blue, and green cables that connect to your TV).
  • Xbox 360:  Plays Xbox 360 (but not Xbox One) games, DVDs, and music CDs. Kit includes a power cable, one controller, one controller charge cable, and component cables (these are the red, blue, and green cables that connect to your TV).
  • Wii: Plays Wii (but not Wii U) games. Included items are a power cable, two Wii-motes, two Nunchucks, batteries, a sensor bar, and AV cables.


GoPro Hero 4

  • Camera and accessories, including extra battery packs, head-mount and tripod.




 Things you didn’t know we had — to examine your environment, explore the universe, or make a presentation perfect.

Electronic Reading Aid

  • Mouse-like device for low vision readers.








Portable Screens 




E-readers (note:  21 day loan period)

  • Choose Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite or Nook Touch
  • Preloaded with ebooks purchased by the Library — no need to log in or download —  see respective catalog records for title lists.


Kindle Fire Tablets

  • (regular and HD) Includes Kindle ebooks purchased by the Library and access to Amazon Prime movies and television.


You must be 18 or older to borrow equipment. Most items will require you to present photo ID and complete an agreement.

Most equipment can be checked out from the CIRCULATION desk. 

Equipment may be held through our online catalog.

Renewals or extended loans cannot be made online, but can be made by Library staff under special circumstances. 

Partially damaged equipment or equipment returned with parts missing will be billed at Library discretion.