Borrow Electronics

Borrow Equipment from Avon Lake Public Library

We have new ways to access media, yours and ours, new and old. All equipment can be checked out.  You must be 18 or older, show photo ID with current address at the time of checkout, and sign an agreement to borrow equipment.

Holds may be placed on equipment through our online catalog.

Most items circulate for seven (7) days (some for 21 days, as indicated) and all are subject to a $1/day overdue fine.

Renewals or extended loans cannot be made online but can be made by Library staff at their discretion. Partially damaged equipment or equipment returned with parts missing will be billed at Library discretion.




Go Pro


Laptop designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet. Cloud and USB storage.

GoPro Hero4 Black Camera and Accessories

Camera and accessories, including extra battery packs, head mount and tripod.

TV Antenna

antenna (1)

Video Players

bluray (1)

Indoor digital HDTV antenna

Pick up all over-the-air programming in your area. Easily access to local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports, educational programs etc.

NOTE: TV reception depends on the distance from your home to the transmitting tower and the surrounding environmants.

SONY 3D 4k upscaling Blu-Ray/DVD player

Get the most out of your 4K Ultra HD TV by upscaling the quality of your Blu-ray movies to near 4K quality. 4K Ultra HD discs are not supported. The upscaling chip also improves the quality of online content and upconverts DVD's to near HD quality for an improved viewing experience.

VHS Tape/DVD player

Combines the picture and sound advantages of a DVD player with the convenient playback options of a video cassette player.

Slide Scanners

For scanning 35mm negatives into digital files.


Ion Omni scan slide scanner

Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives and mounted slides, and converts images to digital JPEG files.


Film Converters


Film2 Digital Moviemaker

Converts 8mm and Super8 film to digital files.

Photo Scanners


Doxie Go SE Photo and Document Scanner

Doxie Go makes scanning your paper easy. Just charge it up and turn it on, anywhere – insert your documents, photos, cards, and receipts to scan, archive, and share. No computer or device required – just insert your sheet.



Portable “wand” scans to PDF or JPG (roll-across method) to memory card. AA batteries required.

Audio Convertors

Handy Trax

Handy Trax USB Portable Turntable

Now vinyl enthusiasts can enjoy the portable freedom that CD/MP3 fans enjoy.  A built-in speaker plus 33-1/3, 45, and 78rpm speeds mean you can play any record, anytime, anywhere. The Handy Trax turntable is battery-powered and includes AC adapter.

EZcap portable audio cassette tape to MP3 converter

Easily convert your old tape to MP3 without a computer! Convert all of the music on tape to your USB Flash disk in MP3 format automatically.

Card Readers


 eSecure Mini Card Reader

Compatible with over 150 different memory cards. Plug and Play with high capacity memory 8GB card support. USB 2.0 Support & USB hot swappable.

Internet at Home

cellulalr modem

Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot

Connect to the Internet via 4G or LTE signal. Use wherever you can use most cell phones. These portable devices can be charged by USB and AC adaptor.

Netgear Cellular Modem

Enables computers and other devices to connect to the Internet. Requires a electrical outlet.




Stream movies and television for free from many services, including VUDU, Prime Video, Netflix and SlingTV.  Internet connection required.

Game Consoles



Plays supported games, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and music CDs.



Wii and Wii U. Plays supported games and includes two Wiimotes and two Nunchucks.



Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Plays supported games, DVDs, and music CDs.


kindle touch

Kindle Touch

Preloaded with ebooks purchased by the Library.

Check out at the Information Desk.  21-day loan. 

kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Preloaded with ebooks purchased by the Library.

Check out at the Information Desk.  21-day loan. 

nook touch

Nook Touch

Preloaded with ebooks purchased by the Library.

Check out at the Information Desk.  21-day loan. 


launchpads children


Tablets with thematic, pre-loaded content for children.

21-day loan.



Astroscan Telescope Kit

A telescope for any age. It’s easy to use, simple to position, and effortless to transport. Designed so efficiently that even inexperienced astronomers will feel confident navigating the controls. It’s a precision instrument that provides powerful, razor-sharp views of our universe.



air quality

Speck Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Speck detects fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in your indoor environment and informs you about changes and trends in particle concentration.


Radon Gas Detection Meter

The Corentium Home radon gas detector allows you to take a reading of the radon levels. The LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly, and long-term concentrations.
Power Consumption

 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

Simply connect these appliances to the Kill A Watt®, and it will assess how efficient they really are. Large LCD display will count consumption by the Kilowatt-hour, same as your local utility.

Mini Temperature Humidity Monitor

Use for temperature and humidity readings during storage.



Thermal Imager

A non-contact temperature measurement device detecting the infrared energy emitted.


bluetooth reciever

Bluetooth Reciever and Transmitter/Reciever

Connect any audio device to a Bluetooth device - for newer vehicles.


fm stransmitter
bluetooth speaker

FM Transmitter

Send audio to any nearby FM radio -0 for "old school" vehicles.

Bluetooth Speaker

A wireless stereo system that connects to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Portable Projector Screens

Measured on the diagonal

Portable Projection Screen

79" Projector Screen


100" Black VIVO Projection Screen

Viewing Angle: 120 Degree; HD 4:3 Projection, Pull-Up Foldable Stand Tripod.


Digital Projector

Panasonic LCD Projector

Offering 2000 lumens of light and weighing four pounds, making it light and portable.

digitall preenter doucment camera

Digital Presenter Document Camera

Use to display anything from text on paper to 3 dimensional objects. Zoom lens and base for showing translucent objects.

apollo presentations

Apollo Overhead Projector

For powerful presentation capabilities, this overhead projector can brighten up any small room. With a 2000-lumen light output, this projector is perfect for classrooms and small-capacity meeting spaces.


Reading Aids

electronic reading aid

Electronic Reading Aid

Transforms your TV into visual reading aid. Connects to your TV using supplied video cable.

Cassette Players


CD/Radio Cassette Recorder

Portable CD and Cassette Boom box with FM/AM radio that plays CDs and cassettes. Record new cassettes with the built-in cassette deck. 

Home Health Care


Blood Pressure Kit

Automatically averages your last 3 readings taken over 10 minutes for a more accurate impression. LED Indicator lights clearly show where your readings fall in comparison to medically approved standards. Saves 120 readings.