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Library Card

  1. Eligibility: Any Ohio resident, three (3) years of age and above, is eligible to apply for an Avon Lake Public Library card.
  2. Cards are valid for two (2) years.
  3. Cardholders are responsible for reporting changes in name, address, and telephone number(s) to the Library.
  4. Photo identification with current address is required at first time registration for a library card. If the address on the photo identification is not current, an alternate document, such as a utility bill or banking document, must be presented as proof of current address at time of registration. 
  5. If photo identification and proof of current address are not available at time of registration, library materials will be held for a maximum of two (2) days at the Circulation desk for the convenience of the prospective borrower.
  6. A first-time borrower is limited to five (5) items.
  7. The limit on the number of non-overdue items checked out on a borrower’s card is 50.
  8. Regarding children, 15 years of age or younger: A parent/legal guardian must be present at time of registration, with the child, in order to sign for the minor child’s card. Children under three (3) years of age are not eligible for a library card.
  9. Children, ages 16 or 17, may register for a library card without a parent/legal guardian present, but must show photo identification, with or without current address.
  10. It is preferred that patrons borrowing materials have their library card with them.  However, if they do not, patrons need to know their alternate identification or provide their photo identification at the time of the transaction.  Patrons are not permitted to borrow materials on family members’ cards not in their possession at the time of a transaction.
  11. Avon Lake students may be issued a LIMITED Library card without a parent/legal guardian present. The LIMITED card allows up to five items to be checked out at one time with the exception of video games, Hot Picks, TV Series, or equipment.

March 13, 2003