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Display Facilities Policy

Three (3) display cases and a gallery facility at Avon Lake Public Library are available free on a reservation basis to local individuals and groups to exhibit collections, art, crafts, etc.


The individual or group seeking use of the display case(s) or gallery shall make application to the Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator. The Board of Trustees may adopt a form to be completed by the applicant. The Library Director reserves the right to accept or reject any application.


Items to be displayed should be suitable for viewing by persons of all ages. Items must be of such size, composition and weight that they will not necessitate alterations to or cause damage to the cases or hanging systems.


The exhibitor shall provide information regarding items, identification of exhibitor, etc., if such information is to be part of the exhibit. The Library will publicize exhibits in local news media.


The Library will display items which are for sale and will post a price list, if same is provided by the exhibitor. Library staff will neither sell items to nor reserve items for persons viewing the exhibit.


Exhibits may be scheduled for one (1) month, with set-up and removal times determined by the Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator or the Library Director’s designee.


May 11, 1983