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Access and Protocols


Access to the Avon Lake Local History Collection

Items in the Collection do not circulate as they are unique and often irreplaceable.  However, in some cases where there are multiple copies, these copies are available for circulation in the Non-Fiction collection or as videorecordings.


All items and collections are catalogued.  These records are accessible in the Library’s online public access catalog [OPAC] under the item type, AVONLAKE.  The OPAC provides abbreviated descriptions, subject access, and location by call number.


For those items that are kept off floor, the location is WORKROOM.  Ask an Information desk staff person to retrieve it for you.



Protocols for reviewing off-floor items from the Collection

  • Only one part of the collection may be reviewed at a time.
  • Your library card or photo identification will be held at the Information desk while the item is in your possession.
  • The item must be examined within sight of the Information desk.




The Library may not have equipment available to review all media, for example, slides, LPs, cassettes, etc.  In most cases, there are surrogates available in another format for review.