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Meeting Room Policy



As a community service, the Library makes its meeting rooms available for use by the community, non-profit and professional organizations for educational, cultural, civic, social, political, and religious purposes.
Groups may use the meeting rooms for both private meetings and to present to the general public, consistent with the informational, educational, recreational and cultural purposes of the Library, and must be non-soliciting in nature.
The primary purpose of the Library’s meeting rooms is to provide space for library-related activities. The needs of the Library for use of the meeting rooms take precedence over use by outside groups. The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting or move a group to another meeting room.



1. The Library’s priority is to provide meeting room space for library-sponsored programs. If conflicts arise, all attempts will be made to provide groups that have standing room reservations with an alternate room, date or time.
2. The name, address, telephone number and/or email address of the Avon Lake Public Library may not be used as a contact for the community group.
3. The use of the meeting room may not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship of the group’s activities unless the activity is co-sponsored by the Library.
4. An adult must be present at all times and responsible for the supervision of children under the age of 18. (Note: The Library’s Safe Child Policy forbids children under the age of 8 years to visit the Library unaccompanied by an adult.)
5. Please be considerate of the Library’s public areas and keep your meeting/program confined to the room provided for you.
6. When needed, cover tabletops and carpeting to prevent damage. Be courteous and clean up after your meeting. Dispose of trash; wash and put away used plates/utensils.
7. Art exhibits are displayed for your viewing pleasure. Please do not handle or move artwork.
8. Library meeting rooms may be used by political groups for regular meetings of an organizational nature. They may be used for public forums, debates, and candidates’ nights but not for promotion of any one candidate or issue.
9. Library meeting rooms may not be used for:

  •  Promotion or sales of services or products
  •  Fundraising
  •  Conducting classes for profit
  •  Private social functions

10. Admission or attendance charges may not be assessed by any group, using a meeting room. However, groups may charge a reasonable fee to recover the cost of materials, handouts, craft-making supplies, refreshments, etc. Arrangements for such fees must be approved by the Library when the room is reserved.
11. Failure to abide by these guidelines for meeting room use may be justification for denying the group further use of meeting rooms.
13. The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time. For good cause, the Director may waive any meeting room regulation and may deny or cancel any request for reservation of meeting room space.



HOW: A group requesting a meeting room must complete a Request for Meeting Room form, prior to the meeting date. Reservations can be made by phone at 440.933.8128; in person at the Circulation desk; or, through the website at
WHY: Due to the high demand for meeting rooms, the fee must be submitted with the request form before the room is permanently booked. Reservation requests without payment will be termed “tentative” and subject to cancellation after 10 days.
WHAT: Notify the Library of meeting room cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds are not provided for cancelled reservations, but reservations may be rescheduled at no additional cost.
WHAT: Meeting rooms are only available during regular hours of operation. Meetings are not permitted to extend beyond Library hours and must be vacated a minimum of five (5) minutes prior to the Library’s closing – at 8:55 pm (Monday – Thursday) or 4:55 pm (Friday – Sunday).
WHO: The group contact listed on the Request for Meeting Room form must be an adult; provide a telephone number or email for use in the event of an emergency closure of the Library; and agree to assume full responsibility for any damages to the facility or equipment that may occur as a result of the group’s activities.
WHAT: Groups are responsible for arranging the tables, chairs and other equipment to meet their own needs. Following their use of the room, groups must return the room to its original state.
WHY: Library audio-visual equipment is available upon a prior reservation. It is strongly recommended that groups using the Library’s audio-visual equipment arrange for a practice session ahead of time, especially when using their own personal laptop. The Library cannot guarantee there will always be a staff person available who is able to help with technology needs.




Avon Lake Public Library does not endorse the views expressed by any group or individual, using its meeting rooms, but does endorse the right of those groups or individuals to express their views so long as they abide by the policies and rules, governing the use of library meeting rooms, and conform to local community standards of decency.
The Library is not liable for injuries to people, damage to their property or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups, using the meeting rooms.
The Library reserves the right to alter or amend the rules, governing the use of meeting rooms without notice, and to cancel any authorization granted pursuant to the Request of Meeting Room form for any reason deemed sufficient by it.


Library Board of Trustees
Revised, November 2016